Our working method

PROGEST’s experts focus on innovative companies, inventors and start-ups to help market inventions. We are here to successfully launch your idea to the market!

As a leading idea broker, we know what it takes to get results. Thanks to our proven, integrated strategies, we have brought products to the market with explosive results.


Why launch your unique idea with us?

Huge experience and expertise. We have worked with numerous inventions, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Proven formula driven model. We have developed a unique model by which good inventions are successfully launched into the market.

Coordinated and integrated approach. We offer a unique approach based on the ‘no cure no pay’ principle.

Successful results. We consistently achieve impressive market achievements by taking the right steps.

The story behind the invention

First of all, there must be a good “story” behind the invention. This means that the invention must be useful and functional. Within this framework, aspects such as the environment, safety and comfort play an important role. In addition, the idea must stand out positively from already existing products. Naturally, PROGEST also assesses and tests the invention for technical aspects such as manufacturability. As an innovation platform, PROGEST can help all inventors at every stage of their idea. From patent advice, and having prototypes built to finding the right market party, PROGEST can do it all. Based on our experience, we built the ‘Idea Check’ to advise and help every inventor as required. After the ‘Idea Check’, you will receive advice on what is best to do at the current stage of your invention. This will keep you on the right path and avoid unnecessary costs. Start the ‘Idea check’ via the button below!

No cure no pay

PROGEST applies the so-called “no cure no pay” principle during commercialization. The client will not pay for PROGEST’s work until a license is issued and financial results are achieved. The percentage is determined on a project-by-project basis and communicated to the client following the intake. If PROGEST takes charge of the business process itself, the method of compensation will be specifically tailored to it in consultation with the client.



Have you made an invention and now don’t know how to proceed? If so, you can request a consultation with one of our experts. During this conversation, we analyze your project, identify your needs and come up with concrete recommendations. At this of stage of your project, it is important to receive the right advice from consultants who know what is needed to succeed in today’s market.

Patent advice

If you want to protect your invention, filing a patent application is the right move. PROGEST is happy to help you file your patent application correctly, quickly and officially. This way, we will make sure that you do not incur too many costs for this and that you obtain exclusive rights to your idea as soon as possible.


Based on the “no cure, no pay” principle, PROGEST helps find the right market participant(s). Based on our expertise, we ensure that this process is successful. PROGEST makes a thorough technical and commercial analysis of the possibilities with your idea. Based on this analysis, we select the best market participant(s) and attempt to enter into a (License) contract. Experience shows that market participants are more open to innovations through PROGEST intervention.

Sales support & participation

Do you want to develop and market your idea or invention and are looking for funding to do so? If so, please contact PROGEST. In promising situations, we are willing to participate in your project on a risk basis. This can be done through a capital injection in exchange for shares, but it is also possible for us to actively support you in marketing your invention in exchange for a success fee. Make an appointment with PROGEST’s specialists if you would like to learn more about our approach in participations.

Do the idea check

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