How we can help you with licensing

Securely close a deal for your idea with the right market participant.

During an orientation meeting with the inventor, the content of the invention is discussed, as well as possible forms of cooperation. PROGEST distinguishes the following forms of cooperation.

PROGEST helps by finding a suitable market participant or manufacturer. Experience shows that market participants are more open to innovations through PROGEST intervention. By making a thorough technical and commercial analysis of the potential of the invention and selecting the best market party, an attempt is made to conclude a (license) contract. This, of course, is done in consultation with the inventor. PROGEST conducts the negotiations, drafts the contracts and -if necessary- performs checks for compliance with the contract.

PROGEST markets the invention independently or in cooperation with the inventor. This method of marketing is most common for inventions where the market is relatively small and specialized. The form of collaboration strongly depends on the desire of the inventor and the possibilities within PROGEST. If both sides feel good, PROGEST will make a proposal for cooperation. This is an agreement that sets forth various agreements. Mutual trust plays an important role here. Once the inventor agrees, the collaboration begins.


  • “I am very satisfied with the cooperation with PROGEST with Rob as contact person. In fact, he put me in contact with a party that was very interested in my product. Thanks to his efforts and his network, I was able to start talks with them quickly and we were able to conclude a contract after a few talks. PROGEST is a reliable and experienced partner who was always willing to think along and advise where necessary. I definitely recommend working with PROGEST if you are looking for new business contacts. In any case, I look back on a successful cooperation and hope to work with him more often in the future.”

    - Haydar Sahin – Autolocksmith
  • “For 3 years we have been working very closely together to properly transfer our invention to the most professional player in our field. This cooperation has been extremely meticulous and very pleasant from day one. Rob is an expert in his field and you can rely on his broad knowledge at all times.”

    - Ingrid Van de Weyer-De Witte – Carmel
  • “With PROGEST we found a partner who not only said he stood beside us, but also did it. And has always continued to do so, in a fine, pleasantly personal yet businesslike manner.”

    - Leon Lauwers – Smesh
  • “I got to know Progest as a professional and pleasant party that knows how to find the right party for an invention, that listens to the inventor’s wishes, but at the same time is realistic about its potential. Involved, knowledgeable and with a large network. A party I am happy to recommend.”

    - Jasper Baggerman

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All information you provide to PROGEST employees is fully covered by our confidentiality agreement. You can be assured that we will never share your information with third parties, sell or disclose it without your consent.


We have vast experience in bringing new ideas to market and know what it takes to achieve a successful market launch. We implement a strategic approach that combines patent(s), product development, and selecting the right market participant to exceed goals and achieve impactful results. PROGEST is committed to helping inventors bring their inventions to market, encourage innovation and have a positive impact on society.


Our team has done a great job over the past few years for our clients. Herewith some of the innovations we have successfully brought to market….