Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my idea remain a secret with Progest?
Yes, at Progest we understand the importance of confidentiality. We maintain strict confidentiality measures to ensure that your idea remains safe. We work with confidentiality agreements and we do not approach other parties without your permission. Would you like to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to cash with Progest? Please download our confidentiality statement and return it by email for us to consider.

How do I submit my idea?
You can easily submit your idea to us by contacting us through the idea check on our website. The idea check advises based on your idea status how to properly contact us. You will then receive more information from us so we can discuss next steps.

Should I already have a patent?
No, you do not have to have a patent yet before submitting your idea to us. We can help you assess protection options and, if necessary, can advise on obtaining the appropriate intellectual property protection, such as a patent.

Do customers receive a mail automatically after ordering and an invoice?
Yes, you will receive immediate confirmation of your order. When ordering, you can leave your personal/business information after which we will contact you. Once the appointment is confirmed we will send the invoice for your records.

I am suddenly unable to attend, can I reschedule the appointment?
Following the email contact, we will discuss a final date. If you are unable to attend, you must let us know 24 hours prior to the appointment that you cannot attend.

Where does the appointment take place?
The appointment normally takes place at our office in Eindhoven located at the Science park. If it is desired to do the appointment online that is also possible.

Can I park at the location at Progest?
Yes! We have free parking spaces available for our guests, so come and join us!

Can I reach Progest’s office by public transportation?
Yes our office is easily accessible by various public transportation options. From Eindhoven central we recommend taking Bus 406 towards Ekkersrijt and get off at Stop Science park west/5700, then you will get off in front of our door!

What does an assessment entail?
An assessment is an initial evaluation of your idea to determine its feasibility and potential. We will analyze your idea on various aspects, including technical feasibility, market potential and competitive analysis. Based on this assessment, we can make recommendations for further development and cooperation.

What can Progest do for me?
Progest can support you in transforming your idea into a commercial product. We offer expertise in product development, market research, financing and value proposition creation. We guide you through the process from the concept phase to successful launch in the market.

Are there any costs associated with working with Progest?
This depends on the stage of your invention. Through the idea check, you will find out how Progest can help you with your invention. During an initial consultation, we can discuss your idea and give advice on options. If we proceed to further cooperation, we will agree on an appropriate fee based on the specific needs within the project.

What percentage does Progest charge for its services?
Our fee is project related and may vary depending on the nature and scope of the project. We strive to have fair and transparent rates, which we determine in consultation with you before we begin working together.

Are there any references or customer reviews available?
Yes, we have references and customer reviews available. Our website features reviews and projects from clients who have worked with us. This will give you an insight into the experiences of others and how we were able to support them in realizing their ideas.

How long does the process from idea to successful market launch take?
The duration of the process can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the idea, market conditions and negotiations with market participants. In general, we strive to make the process as efficient as possible and toward successful deals within a reasonable period of time. Keep in mind about 9 months to market launch.

Does Progest offer funding for my idea?
In promising situations, we are willing to participate in your project on a risk basis. This can be done through a capital injection in exchange for shares, but it is also possible for us to actively support you in marketing your invention in exchange for a success fee. Make an appointment with Progest’s specialists if you would like to learn more about our approach in equity investments.

Does Progest only work with specific industries?
No, Progest works with different industries and has experience with diverse product categories. We have expertise in both technology-oriented sectors and consumer products, and we tailor our approach to the specific needs and characteristics of your idea and the market in question.

Does Progest also provide aftercare after closing a deal?
Yes, we value long-term relationships with our customers. After closing a deal, we provide aftercare such as support in implementing the product, monitoring market performance and exploring further growth opportunities.



Have you made an invention and now don’t know how to proceed? If so, you can request a consultation with one of our experts. During this conversation, we take stock of your project, identify your needs and come up with concrete recommendations. Most startups and product launch fail as statistics confirm us (more than 90%). Therefore, it is important to receive the right advice from advisors who know what it takes to succeed in today’s market.

Patent advice

If you want to protect your invention, filing a patent application is the right move. PROGEST is happy to help you file your patent application correctly, quickly and officially. This way, we will make sure that you do not incur too many costs for this and that you obtain exclusive rights to your idea as soon as possible.


Based on the “no cure, no pay” principle, PROGEST helps find the right market participant(s). Through our expertise, we can ensure that this process is successful. PROGEST makes a thorough technical and commercial analysis of the possibilities with your idea. Based on this analysis, we select the best market participant(s) and attempt to enter into a (License) contract. Experience shows that market participants are more open to innovations through PROGEST intervention.

Sales support & participation

Do you want to develop and market your idea or invention and are looking for funding to do so? If so, please contact PROGEST. In promising situations, we are willing to participate in your project on a risk basis. This can be done through a capital injection in exchange for shares, but it is also possible for us to actively support you in marketing your invention in exchange for a success fee. Make an appointment with PROGEST’s specialists if you would like to learn more about our approach in participations.

Do the idea check

Wondering how we can help you and want to submit your idea to us? Do the ‘idea check’ below to find out how we can help you and properly submit your invention!