Participation in innovations

How we can help you during a participation

Are you looking for a strong partner to market your innovation or scale up your innovative business?

In promising situations, we are willing to participate on a risk basis in your innovation or innovative company. This can be done through a capital injection in exchange for shares, but it is also possible that we actively support you in marketing your innovation in exchange for a success fee. We work with innovative entrepreneurs to realize the full potential of their innovation. Coupling our vision based on years of experience with impactful innovations produces impressive results. From Progest, we step in decisively and with a critical eye but give the innovative entrepreneur room to develop further. We invest in innovations with a strong patent position to maximize value creation and gain a strong market position. Our team stands out for its expertise, commitment and mostly critical and respectful attitude. No-nonsense and reliable that is our motto.

Why participate with PROGEST?

Toegang tot innovatief netwerk. Wij bieden toegang tot een netwerk van experts, investeerders en grote marktparttijen die actief zijn in verschillende sectoren. Dit netwerk is waardevol voor het uitwisselen van ideeën en innovaties, het verkennen van nieuwe samenwerkingsmogelijkheden en het vinden van potentiële partners voor verdere groei en ontwikkeling.

Begeleiding met de juiste kennis. Door onze jarenlange ervaring krijgt u toegang tot een breed scala aan expertise op verschillende gebieden, zoals technologie, octrooi, financiën en productontwikkeling. Deze kennis is cruciaal voor het verbeteren van uw bedrijfsactiviteiten, het oplossen van problemen en het nemen van strategische beslissingen omtrent uw innovatie.

Hulp bij aantrekken van kapitaal. Ons netwerk beschikt over investeerders die geïnteresseerd zijn in het ondersteunen van innovatieve en veelbelovende bedrijven. Naast onze eigen kapitaalinjectie vergroot Progest uw zichtbaarheid en geloofwaardigheid door het delen van het Informatie Memorandum met potentiële investeerders. Dit kan leiden tot financieringsmogelijkheden om uw innovatie of innovatief bedrijf te laten groeien.

Salesondersteuning. Wij kunnen u helpen bij het opzetten van commerciële relaties en het opschalen van uw verkopen, in de vorm van een agentschap. Onze ondersteuning helpt bij het vergroten van uw omzet en het versterken van de marktpositie van uw innovatie.

Beschikbaarheid tot productiemogelijkheden. Voor de productie en logistieke verwerking van uw innovatie werken wij samen met een aantal betrouwbare partners. Hierdoor zijn wij gedurende het hele proces van prototype tot aan markt introductie flexibel en kunnen wij in korte tijd een business case.

Participation criteria

Progest participates in innovations and/or innovative companies where value creation is linked to a strong patent. We have a broad sector focus where we are constantly looking for companies with a distinctive profile and a compelling growth strategy. Through custom solutions, Progest can successfully commercialize innovations and achieve impactful results. We focus on the financial and commercial side of the project, leaving room for the innovative individuals we work with daily to focus on the technological development of the innovation.

Participation request

If you would like to submit your innovation or innovative company for participation by Progest, please leave the required information via the button below. We will get back to you on your request based on the information entered. If we see opportunity in your innovation, we will work with you to determine how we will bring your innovation to market or help scale your innovative business.

Management Consultancy

In addition to participating, we can also support you with your innovative projects in the role of management consultancy. With our deep knowledge and experience in scaling innovations and innovative companies, we are able to provide strategic insights to drive growth and efficiency. Our focus is mainly on product-market fit and in addition we advise you on commercial and controlling costs. Through our honest independent advice on a “no cure, no pay” basis, we ensure that only investments are made that add value, risks are covered as much as possible, and profits can be maximized.


  • “At the beginning of this century, a Progest customer applied our agricultural grids in architecture. From that moment on, Progest guided us perfectly in the successful launch of Tribar, which has now become a full-fledged product within our portfolio.”

    - Gerben Nooyen (director) – Nooyen Group
  • “Professional unburdening … That’s exactly what PROGEST does for you. PROGEST is very knowledgeable about all the ins and outs surrounding marketing and intellectual property protection. After a cooperation of more than 10 years, the trust is still fully present. Thank you for the good care and joint success.”

    - P.T. Inventions
  • “Stairmobil Nederland BV has been working with Rob from PROGEST for many years. A good combination to promote our product, the Stairmobil, to interested parties.Client requests arrive at PROGEST’s office and the follow-up is coordinated with me by PROGEST and have good experience with that.”

    - Wim van de Broek – Stairmobil Netherlands
  • “I experience PROGEST as reliable; my contact person Rob has an understanding of the processes that are in place; he thinks and acts strategically, offers an overview, thinks ahead; he consults and takes the necessary business responsibility his way. Rob shows a personal commitment and has humor for me at the right times.

    Working with PROGEST feels like working together from the beginning.”

    - Tis Ernst – Led It be


All information you provide to PROGEST employees is fully covered by our confidentiality agreement. You can be assured that we will never share your information with third parties, sell or disclose it without your consent.


We have vast experience in bringing new ideas to market and know what it takes to achieve a successful market launch. We implement a strategic approach that combines patent(s), product development, and selecting the right market participant to exceed goals and achieve impactful results. PROGEST is committed to helping inventors bring their inventions to market, encourage innovation and have a positive impact on society.


Our team has done a great job over the past few years for our clients. Herewith some of the innovations we have successfully brought to market….