Advisory consult

If you have an invention and do not know how to proceed, you can ask for an advice consult.

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Submit your invention so we can help you to turn your idea into a success. More information? Please contact us.


Our goal is to help innovative companies, inventors and designers to successfully commercialize their inventions.

Turn your invention or design into a commercial success!

From the conceptualization of an idea and its development to the final achievement lies a long road with many obstacles. Obstacles, which inventors and innovative companies often consider as risks. They often lack the right organization, the means or knowledge to formulate appropriate outcomes and performance expectations and how to present the idea in the market.

Do you recognize these problems?

Then you should talk to PROGEST. With PROGEST you will have an excellent partner because presenting your idea in the market is our core business.

What can you expect from us?

Through the years PROGEST has realised many projects. With this experience we are able to assist you to turn your invention into a success.

Uitvinding in de markt zetten


No cure no pay

As a customer you will only pay for our activities at the moment the pointed success is accomplished.


During an advice consult we investigate your situation, visualize your needs and come with useful advices.

Evaluation of technical aspects

PROGEST will do a technical feasibility study on the invention and will check the possibility to protect the IP with a patent. The goal: to find out if commercialisation is possible. Of course should the idea be distinctive from all other exciting products.

Direct participation

In rosaceous projects PROGEST is also willing to participate financially. A capital injection in return of a partly ownership of the company or IP is an option.

More information

Do you have any questions or would you like to receive information? Please feel free and contact us.