Marketing your idea, invention or design is our core business!



PROGEST helps inventors develop their products
successfully bring to market

We specialize in successfully bringing new innovative products to market. From patent application and product development to licensing and product launch, we use our deep expertise and proven formula of market approach to coordinate all processes to ensure results. On a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis, after the intake, we get to work on your invention!


Why launch your unique idea with us?

Huge experience and expertise. We have worked with numerous inventions, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Proven formula driven model. We have developed a unique model by which good inventions are successfully launched into the market.

Coordinated and integrated approach. We offer a unique approach based on the ‘no cure no pay’ principle.

Successful results. We consistently achieve impressive market achievements by taking the right steps.

Turn your invention or innovation into a commercial success!

Between the development of the idea, the concept, and the eventual success of an invention lies a long road with numerous obstacles. Obstacles that many inventors, innovators and innovative companies see as risks. They often lack the right organization, resources or “know how” to formulate reliable return expectations and successfully market the idea.


PROGEST has completed many projects over the years.

With this experience, we can assist you perfectly to make your invention a success as well. Do the PROGEST “Idea Check” now and find out how PROGEST can make your invention or innovation a commercial success!



If you have made an invention and do not know how to proceed next, you can request a consultation with us. During this conversation, we take stock of your project, identify your needs and come up with concrete recommendations.

Patent Advice

If you want to protect your invention, filing a patent application is the right move. During this conversation, we will guide you through your patent application correctly, quickly and officially.


Based on the “no cure, no pay” principle, PROGEST helps to find the right market participant(s). Through our expertise, we can ensure that this process is successful.

Sales support & participation

In promising situations, we are willing to participate in your project on a risk basis. This can be done through a capital injection, but it is also possible for us to actively support you in marketing your invention or innovative product.


Our team has done a great job over the past few years for our clients. Herewith some of the innovations we have successfully brought to market….


  • “At the beginning of this century, a Progest customer applied our agricultural grids in architecture. From that moment on, Progest guided us perfectly in the successful launch of Tribar, which has now become a full-fledged product within our portfolio.”

    - Gerben Nooyen (director) – Nooyen Group
  • “I am very satisfied with the cooperation with PROGEST with Rob as contact person. In fact, he put me in contact with a party that was very interested in my product. Thanks to his efforts and his network, I was able to start talks with them quickly and we were able to conclude a contract after a few talks. PROGEST is a reliable and experienced partner who was always willing to think along and advise where necessary. I definitely recommend working with PROGEST if you are looking for new business contacts. In any case, I look back on a successful cooperation and hope to work with him more often in the future.”

    - Haydar Sahin – Autolocksmith
  • “For 3 years we have been working very closely together to properly transfer our invention to the most professional player in our field. This cooperation has been extremely meticulous and very pleasant from day one. Rob is an expert in his field and you can rely on his broad knowledge at all times.”

    - Ingrid Van de Weyer-De Witte – Carmel
  • “With PROGEST we found a partner who not only said he stood beside us, but also did it. And has always continued to do so, in a fine, pleasantly personal yet businesslike manner.”

    - Leon Lauwers – Smesh
  • “Professional unburdening … That’s exactly what PROGEST does for you. PROGEST is very knowledgeable about all the ins and outs surrounding marketing and intellectual property protection. After a cooperation of more than 10 years, the trust is still fully present. Thank you for the good care and joint success.”

    - P.T. Inventions
  • “Stairmobil Nederland BV has been working with Rob from PROGEST for many years. A good combination to promote our product, the Stairmobil, to interested parties.Client requests arrive at PROGEST’s office and the follow-up is coordinated with me by PROGEST and have good experience with that.”

    - Wim van de Broek – Stairmobil Netherlands
  • “I experience PROGEST as reliable; my contact person Rob has an understanding of the processes that are in place; he thinks and acts strategically, offers an overview, thinks ahead; he consults and takes the necessary business responsibility his way. Rob shows a personal commitment and has humor for me at the right times.

    Working with PROGEST feels like working together from the beginning.”

    - Tis Ernst – Led It be
  • “I got to know Progest as a professional and pleasant party that knows how to find the right party for an invention, that listens to the inventor’s wishes, but at the same time is realistic about its potential. Involved, knowledgeable and with a large network. A party I am happy to recommend.”

    - Jasper Baggerman
  • “Professional, reliable, honest. The commitment of Progest is beyond expectations for us, the honesty and reliability really comes out in this, the feeling of that your product (idea) is guaranteed.”

    - Mario Lodde – Scorboo