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“The process of bringing an invention to market has many pitfalls. Take the right direction together with PROGEST”.

PROGEST’s specialists enjoy working with inventors who have a unique idea. Did you do proper research beforehand? Is your invention of interest to the market? And have you thought about the commercial feasability of your product? Then we will be happy to take stock of what the next steps are and what we can do for you in this regard. If you have made an invention and don’t know how to proceed next, do the “Idea Check” and find out the right step for you.

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If you have made an invention and don’t know how to proceed next, do the “Idea Check” and find out the right step for you. You can request a consultation or online assessment from one of our consultants. In the online assessment, we describe the steps you can take to move to the next stage. During the consultation we take stock of your situation, identify your needs and come up with concrete advice. Following this interview, you will receive a written report of our findings. We know from our years of experience how to best market your idea into a great success.

Would you like to request a consultation?

Email review:

Want an initial professional online review of your invention? Submit your idea to us so one of our experts can help you take the first steps in your inventing career.

€ 175,- incl. VAT

Consultation (Most Popular):

Not quite sure what to do? This may be the most important step in your inventing career. Over a cup of coffee, talk with one of our experts at our office and determine your next steps.

€ 295,- incl. VAT


All information you provide to PROGEST employees is fully covered by our confidentiality agreement. You can be assured that we will never share your information with third parties, sell or disclose it without your consent.


We have vast experience in bringing new ideas to market and know what it takes to achieve a successful market launch. We implement a strategic approach that combines patent(s), product development, and selecting the right market participant to exceed goals and achieve impactful results. PROGEST is committed to helping inventors bring their inventions to market, encourage innovation and have a positive impact on society.