“Safely Transporting Heavy Equipment Over Stairs: Discover the Stairmobil”

“Learn how Stairmobil, an essential tool, can safely transport heavy equipment up to 140 kg over stairs. Discover the unique features and Progest’s role in this groundbreaking project.”

Stairmobil is an indispensable tool for safely and efficiently transporting heavy equipment or objects, weighing up to 140 kg, over stairs. Whether straight stairs or stairs with curves, up or down, Stairmobil is the perfect solution.

This innovative device consists of a compact motor unit with a carrying tray. Thanks to a unique mechanical system, Stairmobil can climb up and down virtually any staircase without causing damage. Even the most challenging stairs, such as loft ladders, pose no obstacle to Stairmobil. Stairmobil’s distinguishing feature is that it is the only stair climber that can smoothly handle curving and winding stairs. Traditional stair climbers are limited to straight stairs, but Stairmobil offers much more flexibility.

Based on these unique features, Progest has partnered with Stairmobil. Progest actively supports Stairmobil in sales and acts as an advisor for product development tailored to market needs. After years of development, the Eindhovens Dagblad drew attention and was interested in the story behind the inventor, Wim van den Broek. Together we have put together an informative article on the introduction of Stairmobil to the market and Progest’s role in this remarkable project.

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