“Recent Developments in the Dutch Patent Application Process: Innovative Protection for Inventors”

“Discover the latest updates in the Dutch patent application process over the past five years. These changes have made it easier for inventors and entrepreneurs to protect their intellectual property and encourage innovation.”

“Simplifying Patent Protection for Inventors and Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands”

As an inventor or entrepreneur, you want to make sure that your invention or innovation is protected against copying or counterfeiting. The key to protecting your intellectual property and promoting innovation lies in patent applications. In this article, we dive into the significant developments in the Dutch patent application process over the past five years.

“2018: Expansion of Eligible Protection”

In 2018, the Dutch government made groundbreaking changes to patent law. It is now possible to obtain patent protection not only for revolutionary inventions, but also for “significant contributions” to existing technologies. This modification dramatically simplified the application process for inventors, making it even more accessible.

“The Digital Revolution: Patent Center Netherlands Online (OCNL)”

Another notable advance is the introduction of the advanced electronic patent application system called “Octrooicentrum Nederland Online” (OCNL). This system now allows inventors and companies to file their patent applications online, which has resulted in a significantly expedited and user-friendly process. This digitization has greatly improved the efficiency and accessibility of the patent application process.

“Stimulating Patent and Innovation Practices in 2020.”

In 2020, the Dutch government took additional measures to boost patent and innovation practices in the country. They established a new national patent center and reduced patent costs for small and medium-sized enterprises. These strategic moves provide more opportunities for start-ups and innovative companies to protect and market their creations.

“Simplified and Accessible Patent Application Process”

Recent changes to the Dutch patent application process have made the process simpler and more accessible to inventors and companies than ever before. With the introduction of OCNL and the reduction of patent costs for small and medium-sized enterprises, the Netherlands now offers a fertile breeding ground for innovation and entrepreneurship. If you want to know more about applying for a patent in the Netherlands or abroad, Progest can offer you expert advice during a patent consultation. You can schedule this call and find more information at the following link: